Group Travel


If you can get 30, 40, or more people together that love to travel…If you are dependable…

If you are trustworthy..If you are motivated…If you are friendly…If you are patient!!!

Then what are you waiting for??? You are qualified to be a “Group Leader”.

We can customize a tour package for your group. All we need from you is: Where,When and How Many!

As a Group Leader you will enjoy the following incentives when you book:

  • Professional Driver & Tour Director(if needed)
  • Customized tours that fit your group time & budget
  • Enjoy games,snacks and movies while traveling
  • Pickup a location that`s convenient for your group
  • Tour Packages that include: Transportation, hotel, event tickets and some meals etc.,
  • Enjoy complimentary room(s) when group minimum is met.

NOTE: You may escort your own group if you like.

If you are a Group Leader and would like to book with us, or, if you would like to become a Group Leader give us a call at: 813-363-5070 for additional information. We look forward to working with you.

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