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Can my price change if I have a contract?

The only reason you would have a change in your contract would be because of the constant changes in fuel prices. We reserve the right to add a nominal fuel surcharge (typically 2-10%) to help fray the cost of substantial diesel fuel increases. Your itinerary will be examined in well advance for average fuel cost along your route. However with a signed contract and a deposit your quoted rate will be protected from any overall increases, however, if prior to your trip the cost of fuel drops significantly the fuel surcharge may be refunded. 

How soon should I make a reservation?

The sooner you book will allow you to get the dates of your choice. There are periods during the year that are typically very busy, so again, the sooner you book the better.

Is the cost of the coach determined by the number of people I have?

No, your cost is determined by several different things: The number of hours that you will need the bus; the distance you will be traveling; if there’s any shuttling involved, etc. You are chartering the whole bus. Our cost remains the same, the Driver’s salary remains the same, the mileage remains the same and it takes the same amount of fuel to run a coach with one (1) passenger as it takes for 55 passengers.

What if I can get a lower quote?

You may get a lower quote from another company but it does not necessarily mean that you are getting a better deal. Some companies will give a lower price just to get the immediate business; however, you may not like the service, or the equipment so beware of “better deals”. We pride ourselves in providing safe, professional service and well-maintained equipment. 

Will I lose my money if I am forced to travel in case of a hurricane or tropical storm approaching?

If there is “named storm” approaching to your area of travel, you will not lose your money. All cancellation terms are dismissed and you will receive a100% refund or credit for all monies paid, only if: Your travel path or destination is within the Hurricane Center’s projected path cone, and the storm will affect the area at the time of travel, and your trip has not departed yet. However, if we are in route during the storm which causes unforeseen circumstances due to the storm, there will not be a refund. 

Can I come and look at your motor coaches?

Yes. Just give us a call and we can arrange for you to visit on a day that our coaches are available.

How should I pay?

We accept personal checks, money orders and cash.

Do I have to pay for tolls?

No, you do not have to pay for tolls; however, parking fees and any other extra fees (i.e., access fees, state park fees, special bus permit fees, state park fees, etc.) incurred by the chartering party, will be the responsibility of the group at the time that the fees are incurred.

Do you provide trip insurance?

Yes, call our office and inquire, we will be happy to give you the details.

Do I have to pay extra if we go over our contracted time?

Yes. You will be charge for any additional overage of the contracted time, for example: (If your charter was 8 hours and you have the bus for 9 ½ hours you will be charged 1½ hours of our contracted hourly rate). You will not be charge for any delays caused by unforeseen mechanical issues; weather; or traffic. It is very important when planning your itinerary that you keep this in mind. Make sure that your group is loading & departing on time. When preparing your itinerary make sure that your personal stops and meal stops are allotted in your itinerary. Because of our scheduling for our Drivers and coaches, any unscheduled overtime may cause us to be late for another charter.

Can I see your proof of insurance?

Yes, just ask and we will be happy to supply you with our Certificate of Insurance. 

How long can a driver drive in one day?

Federal law stipulates that a single driver may not drive more than 10 hours or be on duty for no more than 15 hours total each day. The law requires a driver to a minimum of 8 hours off in between days. You will have to pay for a second driver if your itinerary require more than the allotted driving time.

May I bring food and drinks on the coach?

Food and drinks (must be in re-sealable containers) are allowed if prior arrangements have been made. A refundable “damage” deposit of $250 will be required. No exceptions. Absolutely NO GUM will be allowed.

May I use the restroom on the bus?

We try and keep the restroom as clean as possible while traveling so for this reason the restroom is for emergencies ONLY! And LIQUIDS ONLY! The restrooms on motor coaches are not like the restrooms at home, there is no septic tank for waste, and whatever you put in the toilet will travel with you. It is not very pleasant for the other passengers (especially those in the back). If you have to make a “personal stop” please notify the driver and he will stop at the next rest stop

What if I need to take a rest stop?

What if I need to take a rest stop?
Our usual practice is to take a break every two hours so that your group can stretch their legs and use the restroom. The driver also needs a break from sitting. Ask the driver to stop if you need to make an extra “personal” stop. It is important for you to add your stops into your itinerary so that you can keep on schedule.

Who pays for the driver's room for an over-night stay?

You are responsible for providing the drivers room with a private room. It is not included in the cost of the charter. 

What should we tip the driver? Is it included?

Tips are accepted and appreciated by the driver. The industry standard is 10% of the total charge of the trip. For a multi day trip the normal tip is between $2-3 per day, per person; however, we do encourage the group to tip their driver for providing them with excellent and professional service and the amount is left entirely up to the individual or the group.

What is the payment and cancellation policy of your company?

We require a 15% deposit within 10 days of your reservation to secure your date. Balance is due 15 days prior to departure. Cancellations: 30 days prior to departure receive full refund – 15 days prior to departure receive 50% refund – No refunds after 14 days prior to departure. We have no control over Act of God; if there is a named storm which will affect the route of travel you will receive 100% credit for a future date. For your trip protection we do have Trip Insurance available. Let us know if you are interested in purchasing.

What is your privacy policy?

We care about our Road Ready family. You can read our complete Privacy Policy here.

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